Raft Up Ready?

Delta Bayliner ClubThe Club’s annual cruising schedule includes a combination of rafts ups and visits to neighbor Yacht Clubs.

We have developed some simple rules to keep the raft-up/docking experience fun. If you join us on the water, or you just raft together with friends, use these guidelines for a pleasant and safe time on the water.

Before you arrive, please make certain you have:

  • Pumped out your black water holding tank(s)
  • Filled your drinking water tank
  • A good charge on all batteries
  • Plan to arrive before 6:30 pm Friday or between 8 am and 12 noon on Saturday. This allows the Fleet Captains to enjoy the outings too!

To join the raft-up, it is mandatory that you have:

  • 150′ (prefer 200′) of bow anchor line
  • 100′ (prefer 150′) of stern anchor line (each with a minimum of 5′ of chain attached to an anchor appropriate for your boat)
  • 4 fenders sized to your boat and properly inflated
  • 2-15′ stern dock lines
  • 2-25′ bow dock lines
  • a VHF radio in good working order

On arrival at (and before you’ll be allowed to enter) the raft-up, you must:

  • Be certain you have attached your bow and stern lines
  • Be certain your VHF radio is on and tuned to channel 78
  • Place your fenders on the side instructed at the height instructed
  • For everyone’s safety, take your time and be prepared to follow the Fleet Captain’s instructions exactly.

Once you’ve joined the raft-up, we have a couple of simple rules:

  • Please make minimal noise before 8am (this includes not running your generators until 8 am)
  • Please lower the noise level at 10pm (this includes not running your generators after 10 pm) and be quiet by midnight
  • If you have to leave the raft-up for any reason, rejoining that weekend will be at the discretion of the Fleet Captain
  • Please be sure to visit everyone’s boat just to say HI!